Font Wars Under-Mine U.S. Economy

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Font Too Small? Then use Zoom Option on Your Computer’s Page Heading

New Year Dec, 30, 2009

Yes, that was a planned Banana News headline. Then the idea shifted to:

“Service Sector Grows as U.S. Economy Discovers the Right Font”

The Font story may well appear in Banana News in 2010 in all its full “Calibri-Bookman” Style Glory. Meanwhile Our Banana Peel Self Slip Award goes to our own slippin and sliding effort to get “the font right”. First readers complained our print was too small, and caused many of the older readers, to squint their way through our best punch lines.

Then, we blew up our fonts to CLOWNsized lettering. Not too cool for a seriously funny story that is supposed to have a serious under-appeal to every joke (the difference between satire and meaningless humor.)  Anyway we–our computer program and us, settled down into 12 inch Georgia font. Not our favorite, but we decided to be bold to give “it”, the font, more appeal, at least a peel we would not slip on.

Now come complaints that “the font” is too small again. Rather than argue or commit further fonticide we appeal to readers to use their “page” option. Most computers have it, and under “page” is a Z-0000m, button that allows any reader to get within touching distance, and even contact lense free distance, with any font, letter, or punctuation point they desire.

Try it and slip and slide yourself around banana news with your favorite level of zoom. Several old stories still have Clownsized fonts, while really early stories, have fonts that could be candidates for subatomic particles.

Whatever, at B-news we do not believe that the medium is the message. If we did we would have thrown out the colored subtitles. The humor is the medium and the message lies one thinly veiled layer down-below the first and last punch line.

The best way to start the new 2010 year is stay off the roads, stay home, and find your true inner font. Maybe if we all do that the service sector will take off and carry Banana News with it.

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