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Satire began when women in Victorian England began to tire of sitting down.  In order to keep women from joining men in cigar heavy sessions in the library dens after dinners, estate owners hired writers to produce reading material that would keep women in their place, and tickle any unsavory urge that nature and a fine dinner may have brought to the surface of their delicate flesh.

In time however, men began to join the women in a growing number of  after-dinner sitting and giggling sessions.  As the cigar smoke died down and the grins, giggles, and groans proliferated writers responded by producing “tongue in cheek”  news articles, books, and medical prescriptions.  The latter art form was banned in 1909 by the British Parliament.

Today satire is the primary form of communication of people around the world.  TV news, high school English classes, political commetary, proffessional journals, government documents, and waking up before 8 A.M. all represent the many different forms of satire.

 ”Although satire is usually meant to be funny, the purpose of satire is not primarily humour in itself so much as an attack on something of which the author strongly disapproves, using the weapon of wit.” claims the internet dictionary Wikipeida

 The staff of Banana news disagrees with this popular view.  We strongly approve of what we observe daily, once we wake up, and have no desire to injure the source of our sustenance.  To turn off the TV or go back to smoking cigars in some musky poorly lit library den and discuss the  shipping price of rye would be enough to want us stay in bed all day.  Even if there were a cluster of women giggling over a pamphlet in the pantry.

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3 Responses to “Satire”

  1. Linda Arnade

    ha ha funny!

  2. Ben Franklin

    I profess not being a professional journalist writing for professorial journals, but I do love your imagery of political life being like a comet: bursting onto the scene, blazing brightly across the sky, only to disappear yonder, trailed by the debris of hanger-ons and coattail riders…
    OK, enough of my commentary.

  3. Just about all I can comment on is, I don’t know what to really say! Except needless to say, for the amazing tips that are shared on this blog. I’ll think of a trillion fun methods to read the articles on this site. I do think I will ultimately make a move utilizing your tips on those things I could not have been able to manage alone. You had been so careful to allow me to be one of those to benefit from your beneficial information. Please recognize how significantly I appreciate it.


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