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Supply Side, Demand Side, Every Side claims Tax-cut Victory

By admin

While pushing the deficit problem: A-side

December 19, 2010

Senate Republicans, President Obama, and politicians all over Washington are leaping with joy while they crow about out-maneuvering the “other side” by passing the Senate tax-cut package.

Senate Major Leader Mitch McConnell in his own words: “The Republican supply side tax cut is ready-and-raring to save small business and kick-start the American economy.”

President Obama:“Our demand side tax cut will be a shot in the arm to the economy and stimulate consumers to get out there and purchase American products.”

Mitch McConnell: “This tax cut gives millionaires the money they need to invest in their business enterprises and create jobs for every unemployed person in America.”

Obama: “This tax cut stimulus package gives the unemployed a chance to put presents under the Christmas tree and create jobs for small business sellers across the country.”

Mitch McConnell: “The stock market response to the Republican tax cut vindicates supply-side economics.”

Obama: “The stock market response to our tax and stimulus package vindicates Keynesian demand-side economics.”

McConnell: “Supply-side.”

Obama: “Demand-side.”

McConnell: “My side.”

Obama: “Our side.”

McConnell: “Right side.”

Obama: “Left side.”

McConnell: “Right-Right side.”

Obama: “Left Middle side.”

McConnell: “Right, inside the Mainstream.”

Obama: “Left outside the economy.”

McConnell: “roof”

Obama: “floor”

McConnell: “cold”

Obama: “hot”

McConnell: “man”

Obama: “man”

McConnell: “Man?”

Obama: “Gays in the military.”

McConnell: “Don’t tell.”

McConnell: “We never did ask.”

Obama: “Yes, Republicans tell. They always tell everybody to do it their way.”

McConnell: “Supply Side.”

Obama: “Hey, off side.”

McConnell: “This tax cut will put the required money into the hands of small business and estate owners which will lead them to hire more Chinese offshore workers, let business lobby for less government regulation, and allow Wall Street to pay more efficient bonuses on the hard won earnings of American bankers and traders.”

Obama: “This tax cut will put the required money into the hands of the unemployed, who will, one day, tell their grandchildren about how their Christmas shopping help jump-start the American economy and lead it into the 21rst century.”

McConnell: ”Bonuses.”

Obama: “Christmas presents.”

McConnell: “Wall Street.”

Obama: “Don’t Tell.”

McConnell: “On Wall Street it is bad manners to ask other people about the size of their bonus.”

Obama: “On Wall Street it is bad manners to tell other people about the size of your bonus.”

McConnell: “Telling or asking, about bonuses is bad form. Like a tax form.”

Obama: “Like Gays in the Military.”

McConnell: “Supply side.”

Obama: “I quit.”

McConnell: “Sara Palin, sarah palin, the president is a sarah-”

Obama: “I quit smoking.”

McConnell: “Government regulation.”

Obama: “I quit—ay—the voters did not elect me President to play school yard games with other Washington D.C. politicians.”

McConnell: “The Laffer curve rules the American economy.”

Obama: “The Laffer curve rules the comedy clubs of America.”

McConnell: “Tax and Spend Democrats.”

Obama: “The voters did not elect me President to continue school yard games with other Washington D.C. politicians.”

McConnell: “You said that before, no fair, cheater cheater –”

Obama: “The voters did not elect you Senator to continue to play Washington school yard games—.”

Dick Cheney: “Bah, Humbug. Ronald Regan proved deficits don’t matter.”

Obama: “Dick Cheney? Ronald Regan? Ebeneezer Scrouge?  Who’s voice is this?“

McConnell: “Tax cuts eliminate deficits.”

Obama: “It’s the ghost of the Christmas past. Ronald Regan said that. So did George Bush. And both times—the tax cuts blasted deficits sky high.”

Cheney: “Humbug. Sky high deficits don’t matter.”

Obama: “It will matter in the long run”

Cheney: “Bah, In the long run we are all dead.”

Obama: “Hey, Keynes said that. Supply siders are Keynesians in disguise.”

Cheney: “Humbug. Keynes never said, ‘bah’.”

McConnell: “Tax and spend Democrats take your hard earned money and waste it on college loans and investment in boring car batteries, that do nothing but sit there. And next year, Democrats plan to spend your money giving away condoms made from embryonic stem cells.”

Cheney: “That’s investment. Democrats won’t admit it. They are supply-siders in disguise. ”

George W. Bush: “This is a great conversation. I don’t know what disguise I want. But, for next year, I am thinking of dressing up like Tiny Tim for Christmas.”

Obama: “Do Tell.”

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