Water Boarding Mix Up Created White House /CIA Dispute in 2004

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May 16, 2009

–Not what Cheney meant



Recently released cable communication reports between the office of the Vice President and Asian Pacific office of the CIA reveal that in the years 2004 and 2005, there was major split between the Bush White House and the CIA over CIA interrogation methods in the Asia-Pacific region.

Documents reveal that the VP’s office, headed by Dick Cheney, over time became increasingly agitated by CIA station chief Howard Sweep’s interpretation of orders to “water board” high risk terrorist suspects and attempted to transfer the CIA station chief  to the dry mountain interior of Afghanistan.

While initial cables in early 2004 indicate relations between the White House and the regional CIA office were good office were good, the CIA decision, recorded in a June 25th 2004 cable to the VP’s office, to purchase 10 “poly-urethane” boards for 9 terrorist suspects, which had been placed under his custody, began Mr. Sweep’s dispute with the VP’s office. In that June 25th cable sent to the VP’s office, CIA station chief head Howard Sweep boasted that he was moving forward quickly on the VP Cheney’s “water  boarding” memo and had gotten four of nine AL Qaeda suspects, up on a board for over ten seconds.

Documents reveal that the VP’s office responded favorably to the Asia Pacific Station chief’s June cable report.  But a cable dated Sept 24th 2004, where Mr. Sweep, wrote:

”Stood all nine terrorist suspects up on boards. Succeeded in getting suspect, Abdullah Jamad Haiwafal, to break into a right curl”

was intriguing enough to attract attention from Vice President Cheney himself.

The released documents show that a cable was sent the following day, Sept 25th, from office of the Vice President to the CIA station chief.  In that cable the VP’s office had written:

“What did the suspect reveal when he broke?”

The request was answered immediately by Mr. Sweep himself who cabled:

“Suspect says: it’s a fantastic rush”

A Subsequent White house cable asked:

“You mean he was picked to suicide bomb?  What target?”

Was answered the next day Sept 26th:

“We are aiming for 8 footers by Dec 1rst”

VP’s office:

“ You are getting intel on the “tall one” himself?”

CIA station chief:

“no worry –all going well


Hang ten,

Howard Sweep ”

According to the records it took the White House 3 days to respond. The subsequent cable dated Sept. 29, 2004 was signed by both the VP’s office and the office of the White House council:

“Are you hanging them, or did they discuss hanging 10 of their colleagues”

CIA Station:

“ toes”

White House:

“Advise not to hang suspects by toes, ankles, arms preferred position”

It was at this point that direct cable communication between the CIA Asia Pacific Station and the Vice President’s office broke off.

Four days later, on Oct 3rd, a group of U.S. Army soldiers stationed along the U.S. Pakistani border captured five Taliban suspects who had fallen into the Had-Wafi river rapids, while trying to curl their toes over some loosely held  planks on a rickety wooden bridge. Contained in a small cotton bag carried by one of the Taliban suspects, were eight copies of the Koran, small bundles of hashish, two pistols and ammunition, one portable CD player, and three different CD’s by the American singing group: the Beach Boys.

The U.S. soldiers reported that the captured suspects, once taken to a base and given a dry set of clothes, offered to provide the American soldiers with two bundles of hashish in exchange for lessons on getting a: “hang toe, Beach Boy American rush.”

Records show that within a day Howard Sweep sent fourteen separate photographs of his group of Al Qaeda suspects riding over and through 8 foot high breaking waves to major surfing magazines around the globe. Attached was an article with the title “Water boarding: Successfully Diverting the Energies of Another Angry Generation.”  In the article Mr. Sweep described, in detail, his team’s effort at teaching five young men from the high mountains of Yemen, two Saudis from the Arabian desert, and two mountain Afghans, to swim, to paddle a flotation device, to catch a wave, and too stand up on an rapidly accelerating board, without the use of prayer beads, the Koran, or a morning lecture on an American headquartered conspiracy theory.

Released White House memos show that on Oct 8th, 2004 then Vice President Cheney, asked Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld to immediately order the U.S. Navy to torpedo all wave-boarding entities within five miles of an American ship. He also ordered Mr. Sweep to return Washington. And the Vice President asked the FBI to begin wiretaps on the editors of any publication that contained a photograph of either:  a surfboard, a leftward breaking wave, or objects which show up in a “Beach Boys song or rant.”  He also asked the FBI director to search FBI data bases for any report containing information about an American official or soldier being knocked “really” unconsciously “out” by a group of young attractive women, from California.

Documents reveal that Congress-woman Nancy Pelosi called the VP’s office on Oct 10th to tell the Vice President that Mr. Sweep had just finished his “briefing” and to congratulate him on the water boarding program and asked him if the White House would help provide foreign AID funding for construction of water-theme parks throughout the Mid East.

 Released reports reveal that within an hour of Ms. Pelosi’s call, Mr. Cheney asked the CIA to order Mr. Sweep to leave Washington D.C immediately.

On Oct. 12th, soldiers stationed in Afghanistan reported that the five captured” plank curler” suspects again offered to exchange their hashish, this time for: “the green Mexican bud-friends Americans imply for to guide people thru 8 mile high California mountains.”

On Oct. 13th, Mr. Cheney immediately ordered Mr. Sweep to report the Federal Drug inspection service headquarters in Washington.

On Oct. 14th, the fall edition of the magazine “Surfer’s Paradise” was published and had on its cover, a photograph of a tall brown bearded figure, breaking his board rightward across the foam of a breaking 9 foot wave. Below the photograph was the caption “A.J. Mad ‘Sweep’ Hawaii Fall–takes the Wakiti Bronze”

On Oct. 15th President Bush himself telephoned CIA director to congratulate him on his Beach Boy rehabilitation program and spoke broadly about his plans for building water theme parks across Iraq.

A half hour later the Vice President office called the CIA director and ordered Mr. Sweep to be assigned to Northern Afghanistan, at a post “too high for water to accumulate beyond three and a half centimeters in depth” but not high enough ” to allow a flat or smooth snow cover”

Documents reveal that they next day Mr. Sweep resigned from the CIA. He is said to be working as director of operations and planning for a mall enclosed amusement park in the city state of Dubai. He is said to deny that he has anything to do with the popular rumor, circulating in political circles around the globe, that Mrs. Cheney was born and raised in California and was once, so attractive, her figure could knock a man’s logic permanently out of its proper orbit.


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