New Science Research Corrects Old Science Research

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Finding an Answer is just the Beginning
July 16, 2012
My coworkers, and one watchful office consult, had heard the insult escape from my lips.I  apologized for the verbal slip. It was only a small moment of weakness. What I had said was not a reflection of my personal views about the less fortunate creatures of the… »

What if? What if questions tackled by B-news staff

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What if this was the last thing you read on this earth?

May 8, 2012
History lovers often take their inner brains on– what if—trips. Ask any history buff, professor or amateur, –what if the Chinese had discovered America?  The history person will withdraw from all conversation and sit motionless; and behind walled-off glazed eyes, appear to… »

Time to Relax

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April 16, 2012

The heart-doctor put to me straight.
You have got to get serious about relaxing.  Your heart cannot take more stress.  I recommend you start right away.In short, the doctor had ordered me to, aggressively relax.
Thinking about the problem and possible solutions, of course, made the blood pump faster.
This left me with the task of… »

Help: I Have Been Captured By Aliens

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A personal story about the time doctors insisted that I “just say yes”

January 30, 2012

Yes, I have been captured by a group of insulin-producing human aliens, who have forced me to join their cult, by injecting their foreign chemical into my own body.

My problem began when a Doctor with a strange… »

Mideast Protests Threaten America’s Protest Monopoly

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Young Americans Not Keeping Up With the Competition.
March 14, 2011
The Baby boom generation continues to demonstrate that it has not lost its ability to kick up a protest and make its critics as mad as a fox in a newsroom.  Last month thousands of gray haired members of the never trust-anyone over thirty generation descended … »

Unemployed Michigan Man Reports He Cannot Feel “The Pain”

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Sacrifice is not being evenly shared
March 2, 2011
An unemployed auto worker from Flint Michigan has told Flint radio station W-FLINT that he feels no pain. Since being laid off from GM-assembly line, the auto worker said he has experienced:
– anxiety,
–sleepless nights,
— and,
– a lingering “Jimmy Carter malaise.”
Yet, the laid off autoworker claims… »

Tea Party: Repeal Anti-biotics

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Survival of Fittest Means We Won the Electron
February 7, 2009
Two weeks ago Congress repealed of the 2009 Health care act.
Now, a group newly elected group of Tea Party Congressmen have announced a plan to repeal the use of Antibiotics.  Asserting that antibiotic consumption lowers the quality of breeding Americans, Tea Party officials claimed that  keeping… »

Baggage Rush

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Passengers carry on as if there is only tomorrow
Jan 18, 2011
It starts with the handicap/wheel-chair announcement.  And it ends with a two old people sitting on their seat-belts, waiting for the aisles to clear.
“Boarding those with wheel-chairs.”
Like iron filings to a magnet, a slumbering sprawl of distracted gate-passengers suddenly leaps to attention. Laptops snap… »

Jet Lag Epidemic Jumps to the Internet

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A New Year Time Shock Awaits Millions of Internet Users
Jan 2, 2011
Jet-lag —the drowsy, surreal sensation that hits people who wake up, displaced, in the wrong time zone– is rapidly spreading across the globe.
That is, jet lag has jumped the species barrier from international travelers to internet users.
Dr. SteinWine J. Winestein rD commented… »

Economists: Coffee Consumption Explains the Recent Surge in U.S. Productivity

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Chinese Green Tea Doesn’t Count
December 26, 2010
A team of three Cornell University Economists has demonstrated that rising coffee consumption explains the recent growth in U.S. labor productivity.  The study, which took eight years to complete, and another eight years to work its way through the peer review process, proceeded in four steps.
The team hired… »