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Group of Teenagers Discover an Abandoned Cluster of Jobs: Sets Up Mad Rush For Work

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Mob Seeks to Extract Scare Resource Before the Politicians Move In
August 17, 2010
Last Thursday, on the afternoon of August 12th, six teenagers, and one tag-a-long eleven year old, discovered a large cluster of job openings inside the warehouse district of the Chantilly, Virginia; a town located just outside the Washington D.C. beltway.
The boys,… »

Anecdotal Evidence Points To A Deterioration in the Nation’s Karaoke Skills

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A Nation at Risk
March 12, 2009
In a sign of America’s failing Education, Recreation, and Sound Systems, there is a growing consensus among nightspot audiences and performers alike, that the United States faces erosion of its critical Karaoke skills. Anecdotal evidence indicates that there is an increasing number of “off key” performances throughout the nation’s nightspots…. »

The Next American Generation Gets Itself Lost

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This Time It’s For Real
September 20, 2009 (?)
As millions of American children confront the first homework assignment of the new school year, a recent education survey has revealed that seventy percent of American teenagers cannot locate France on a map, sixty percent cannot locate California, and, as expected by many parents, fifty five percent of… »

Fiscal Austerity: Sports and Athletic Teams Fight to Prevent Spending Cuts

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Budget Chops Push Tennis Stars into an Orange Spin-Nips-Spin
April 15, 2009
The recent world-banking crisis has made clear that sports, like other any business activity, can be battered by an unpredictable economy. Recent financial loses by sport team owners and stock market loses by University endowment funds have led Professional leagues and Colleges across the country… »