Font Wars Under-Mine U.S. Economy

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Font Too Small? Then use Zoom Option on Your Computer’s Page Heading
New Year Dec, 30, 2009
Yes, that was a planned Banana News headline. Then the idea shifted to:
“Service Sector Grows as U.S. Economy Discovers the Right Font”
The Font story may well appear in Banana News in 2010 in all its full “Calibri-Bookman” Style Glory. Meanwhile Our… »


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It Sure Looks like President Obama Must Have Got a Deal in Copenhagen
–To prevent Global Warming
–Which Snowed Washington’s Senators, Into Their Own Homes, and Apartments, & Left The White House Storming,
–Hopin an’ Beggin
–For Health Care Votes, as The Health Deal Gets Snowed and Iced Under
–D.C.’s Salt Truck and Street Cleaning, Day of Delay and Blunder
–Should Have Delayed… »

Editorial: A Sobering Answer to Our Reader(s)

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We recently were asked by a frequent reader of Banana News the following question: “Would a person pass a 3 P.M. sobriety test if he got drunk at 8 A.M.?” After several insistent e-mails from this reader we decided to provide an answer.
This is an excellent question because it gives the staff of Banana News the… »

Today’s News Reviewed for Tomorrow’s Readers

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 July 2, 2009

Stock prices are falling daily. Wars in the Mid East continue unabated. Oil prices leap, hop, and drop like they are tied to the end of a world market whip. Amid all this distressing news comes more news, reported in this edition of Banana News, that North Korea may be run by a… »


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Satire began when women in Victorian England began to tire of sitting down.  In order to keep women from joining men in cigar heavy sessions in the library dens after dinners, estate owners hired writers to produce reading material that would keep women in their place, and tickle any unsavory urge that nature and a fine dinner may have brought… »