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It Sure Looks like President Obama Must Have Got a Deal in Copenhagen


–To prevent Global Warming

–Which Snowed Washington’s Senators, Into Their Own Homes, and Apartments, & Left The White House Storming,

–Hopin an’ Beggin

–For Health Care Votes, as The Health Deal Gets Snowed and Iced Under

–D.C.’s Salt Truck and Street Cleaning, Day of Delay and Blunder

–Should Have Delayed The Global Warming Deal

–A Day

–And Insead, Wait,— to Snow the Senate INTO– their Place of Work and Play

–So We Could Watch the Surrounding Snow, Melt-Away

–And Measure Senate Emissions of Hot Air, and Gas

–As Senate Debate, Mixes with this, Artic Blast

–Nine Inches, on the Ground, and up to Eighteen Inches to Go

- By Six O’clock Tonight on the 19th, There Will Be Enough


–To Call it an Olympia Snow


–Which Deals The Health Package Vote A State of Maine Blizzard Blow


–Next Time Denmark’s Windmills Tilt Your Way

–Breathe in the Blowin Air, and Hem, Haw, and,—– De–lay

–Signing A Gobal Warming Deal

–For Just One More Day


Dec 2o-th update


–Looks like Nebraska’s Nelson Makes It Sixty

-Turning Him Around Was Pretty Nifty

–Come 2010 the Government Plans to Get More Thrifty

–Making China’s Bond Holders Less Shifty

–And another term for Bernanke

–Keeping Markets Steamed and Cranky

–Next Year  Watch the Price of Gold Jump and Break Dance

–As We Swear and Recite Our Dollar Woes and Rants

–While we Miss the Investment Chance

–To Lose Our Shirt and Best Pants

–And The Best Global Warming Solution

–Is For Everyone to Make a New Year’s


–To Prevent Greenhouse Pollution

–By Avoiding the UseOf’m



–And Un Natural Gas

–So We Can Enjoy Another Artic Winter Blast


–Dec 21rst update

–Just where did this little short day go so fast?

–Six month’s to make a day really last





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