The Rhyme of the Presidential Teleprompter

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From: Ellis Westron

The Rhyme of the Presidential Teleprompter

(copyright 2010 by Ellis Westron)

The presidential teleprompter
Is the prop behind the throne,
Providing words that our incumbent
Can’t assemble on his own.

Like an actor who’s forgotten
Crucial lines within a play,
Our leader’s lost without the prompter
There to tell him what to say.

If a bomb goes off in Bagdad
Or there’s oil spill on the coast,
The teleprompter has a statement
For the White House press to post.

And if the president must broadcast
Doubtful economic news,
The prompter takes a safe position…
Slightly out of camera view.

The teleprompter even handles
Groups of eager journalists,
And satisfies their “candid” queries…
From a stipulated list.

The prompter gathers facts and sets them
Out in lines rhetorical,
While our captain plays a round
Of golf or watches basketball.

All of this inspires a thought
For cutting costs in government
By taking out a middle man
Whose role is mostly ornament:

Why not let the prompter have
The job that it’s equipped to do
With all the status and the honors
Appertaining thereunto?

What I mean is, why not make
The teleprompter president,
And let Obama seek a post
For which he’s truly competent,

Like reading sports or weather from
A teleprompter on TV
Without the stress of trying to
Pretend he wields authority.

Now, before self-righteous critics
Fall into the screaming fits,
Just consider calmly all
The economic benefits.

Think of what we’d save on food,
On beverages and dinnerware,
Think of all the White House staff
We pay to serve and pull out chairs.

Consider what it costs to keep
The president in cigarettes,
And what we lose when aids pick up
The phone to place his sporting bets.

The teleprompter never needs
A bed, a bath or dental care,
No grooming products, vitamins,
Or new supplies of underwear;

Just a socket in the wall
And room to charge up through the night,
With some routine maintenance
To keep the circuits clean and bright.

Otherwise the White House over-
Head would be completely saved;
The bedrooms shut, the lights all out,
The kitchen colder than a grave.

In fact, to save the building from
A look of bleak abandonment
We might elect to offer certain
Second-story rooms for rent;

(An  option that was first considered
Sometime in the Clinton years,
And one that might provide some minor
Help with budgetary fears.)

Of course, someone is bound to point out
That the prompter’s not a man,
And our Constitution must be
Understood to place a ban

On filling public offices,
Regardless of the length of time,
With any form of entity
That’s not a part of humankind.

But isn’t ours supposedly
A land of opportunity,
And can’t amendments overcome
A present disability?

Bear in mind that our impressions
Of Obama’s mind and heart
Emanated from the tele-
Prompter almost at the start,

And all our leader seems to have
Of memory, address or wit
Depends upon the faithful prompter’s
Efforts in support of it.

Besides, at this point in our journey
Onward to a servile state
The teleprompter ought to be
The thinking person’s candidate.

Now that national elections
Seem to act as painted screens,
While policies are set by faceless
Interests behind the scenes,

And chief executives are merely
Manikins made to repeat
Statements that are passed on from
A recent Renaissance Retreat,

No reflective voter should
Feel much inclined to raise an issue
Over whether future presi-
Dents are made of living tissue.

And with the teleprompter duly
Ratified and in command
We’ll have the satisfying sense
Of knowing how and where we stand:

Gazing at the future without
Drapery or sentiment,
Somewhere near a gateway to
The graveyard of self-government.


Wow that was great Ellis. Thanks for the contribution

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