Mideast Protests Threaten America’s Protest Monopoly

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Young Americans Not Keeping Up With the Competition.

March 14, 2011

The Baby boom generation continues to demonstrate that it has not lost its ability to kick up a protest and make its critics as mad as a fox in a newsroom.  Last month thousands of gray haired members of the never trust-anyone over thirty generation descended  on Milwaukee Wisconsin, with banners, placards, and— this time—anti-acid pills, to demonstrate against Wisconsin’s budget cuts.

The generation that incited street demonstrations against Asian wars, rioted against race discrimination, drove Lyndon Johnson back to his Texas ranch, and provoked a President Nixon into behaving like Richard Nixon, has thrown its demographic might and moral weight to fight for and secure: a good  pension.

Meanwhile, across the globe, tens of thousands of excited young Arabs have unleashed a sandstorm of political energy; waving angry fists in the air, hurling rocks, and chanting slogans at CNN cameramen. The Arab protestors have driven two authoritarian governments into the desert. Mideast Kings are shaking in their crowns. And the world’s dictators have ordered their security apparatus to:

act “nice”, then, act more “nice” and after that, “shoot the remaining protesters.”

The juxtaposition of the Milwaukee/Mideast protests, have led the world’s people to ask the same burning question about the world we live in.

”What’s wrong with America’s young people?”

That is, as gray haired baby boomers struggle to keep America’s demonstration output from slipping; the protest record of America’s younger generation have failed to keep up with America’s global competitors.

James Ames James summed up the sentiment on the “Writers-Without-Work” website:

“In Egypt, Libya, and Yemen thousands of young people have used state-of-the-art protesting techniques, which use a sophisticated mix of low and high technologies, to promote anger and disgust in multiple markets; while targeting different dictator audiences.

Meanwhile, America is bogged down in two land two wars, has suffered cuts in education, and is facing record high unemployment. And all American college students do is stay in their dorm rooms and study for exams.

Though, young Americans still find time to worry about their face-book status and play video games.

Anyway, if America’s young people can’t get their act together soon, the United States will lose its ability to dominate the world’s demonstration and protest industry.”

Movie director Pave Vivid answered James-Ames with a video-taped comment:

If America’s young people don’t climb out of their i-phones, i-pads, and u-tube videos we are going to lose America’s protest industry. Already, young Arabs have surpassed Americans in rock throwing and anger generation.

However, the U.S. still maintains its edge in bottle throwing, wise-ass commentary, and smoking illegal stuff in public places.”

James Ames James answered the video comment in writing:

“The next time a State Governor attacks union rights, the unions could be forced to outsource their demonstration to Mideast protesters. Imagine if a bunch of rock throwing Yemenites had showed up in Madison. The rest of America would have told the unions to stuff it up their sand-dune.”

Pave Vivid answered with another video comment:

“Foreign demonstrators are beating us by using technologies that were invented and built in America. Egyptians protestors push out a national government using Facebook. Tunsians twitter. And now, Morrocans are googling.

James Ames answered in writing:

“Last week a group of Yemeni protestors produced such high quality, melo-dramatic, and perfectly timed tweets that, yesterday, millions of migrating birds flew into Yemen’s capital and attempted to mate with all the street demonstrators.“

Pave Vivid added to the distress with another video feed:

“Americans are still waving hand written signs and singing ‘we shall overcome’ while the rest of the world overcame hand written placards and street-songs years ago.”

James answered in writing:

“Yes, young Arabs are going to overcome us, if we can’t jolt our university students awake. We must convince our university students that it is no use A-cing your calculus exam, when Wisconsin-imitating Governors are creating pension-panic across the country.”

Pave Vivid posted a video feed of himself writing the following statement:

“Thirty years ago if State education budgets were slashed, housing prices exploded, and young Americans were asked to fight two mid-east wars, the streets would have exploded with anger; at least until everyone had time to light up and demonstrate, ‘peacefully’ .

Now, you can’t get a protest-peep out any American under thirty.”

James Ames wrote the following statement which he encouraged readers to film and post across the web:

“Yes, you JUST can’t trust any American under thirty.”

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