Mideast Leaders: We Are Ready To Try American Democracy

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Taking the budget hostage, denouncing comprise, is something, they already know how to do

August 15, 2012

In a rapid turnaround, Mideast regimes from Iran, to the Gulf States, to Syria, to North Africa say they are ready to embrace, American style democracy. Mideast leaders say that after watching July’s heated budget debates in Washington D.C. on CNN, that they now understand how democracy works, and say they can easily adapt their own political systems to run like America.

Saudi Prince, Wa-Bin-Ha-Wali told Al Jazeeri News:

“I finally realized Americans are just like us Arabs.

–Tea Congressmen taking Americans for “social security-hostage”.

-Democrat Senators paying tax cuts for their release.

- Politicians praying to God for holy guidance on how to vote.

What an American surprise!

Any American Congressman who visits Saudi Arabia is welcome to my courtyard—to drink hot tea—and join me in threatening our political enemies and denouncing  liberal women.“

Yemen’s Minister of Mint-Tea Revenues agreed:

”I invite every Washington Congressman to join together with me in face-book prayer. Together we pray that cowards, who commit the unholy act of compromise, have their wicked tongues roasted –and burned –by their scorching drink of secular Star-Bucks coffee.”

Across the straits of Hormuz—Iran’s cleric Ayatollah Khomutamuni issued the following pronouncement:

“Iran’s copious-in-talent political advisors suggest that, God permitting, it will take six weeks to transform Iran into an American democracy. Even before America did,—Iran threatened politicians who are weak with the indulgence of compromise. Even before America did, Iran leader’s prayed for guidance on our budget. And Iran’s government ministries are already skilled in the art of hostage holding, acting reckless, and denouncing bloated material indulgence.

With only minor corrections to Iran’s multifaceted –-trust in God but not the liberal Western press–political system, Iran can make American style democracy for the rest of the world to enjoy watching on CNN TV.

After Washington budget debate Iran is now shouting: Life to America!”

While Mideast leaders have a history of issuing flowery promises which quickly wilt, this time even ordinary street-level Muslims said they believe their societies are ripe for American Democracy.  Egypt street vendor fenugreek seed vendor Ibrahimn Abudalla told CNN:

“Way to go America. We see on televisions in every tea-house, that if one half of America’s Congress did not get its own way, it would blow up whole American economy. America’s Tea Congressmen even threatened to blow up their own business, and wallet source, if the other side got its way. I did not know American politicians were–to be–so brave.  If Americans showed us before—better everyone lose, instead to have one side to win– we would have raised stars and stripes over our Nile river years ago.  America is now our new democracy-jihad hero country. “

The Saudi Prince’s 21 year old son Wa-Bin-Ha-Wali II posted the following comment on his website “My Oasis”:

“In old days the Saudi people had fun making hot money fights too. Now that Saudi is rich—it becomes hard to get mad. My father misses getting mad so much, he is thinking of burning all our money.  Then I will be mad at him. And he will be mad at everything. And we will be happy again. I am happy to see Americans are able to enjoy the thrill of getting mad; like we used to do before our happiness was ruined by becoming rich.”

Iran’s cleric Ayatollah Khomutamuni:

America’s Leader-Senator—maybe his name is Mcdonalds?—the man who pushed to cut taxes in December to make a deficit and then, in the summer tried to trick America’s President into signing the bill to pay. Maybe, his mother is from Iran? My grandfather –in the old days-could use him in the rug business at the town bizarre. Even if his mother is not from Iran if Senator Mcdonalds wants to go into business with my family, we can arrange for him to negotiate oil contracts with—-poor countries—who we try to make to pay all the money anyway.

Also tell him, his uncle business makes good French fries.”

American Politicians claim to be thrilled by the Mideast’s new embrace of American style democracy.  Congressional Democrats quickly proposed to increase spending for Mideast democracy promotion programs. Republicans immediately seized on the proposal and promised to cut—all funding for democracy promotion programs abroad.

Arab street vendors said that the Democrat proposal to increase spending for democracy followed by the  immediate Republican counter-threat to gut the entire democracy program altogether, will go a long way toward convincing the people of the Mid-East to adopt American style democracy.

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