Voter Disappointment with Obama: The President Keeps his Promises

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September 7, 2009

A String of Unbroken Promises Wears Out Voters

ObamaAs the Fall season slowly drifts in and awakens the outdoor air, voter’s excitement and approval of their New President has begun to cool. This changing mood has taken place as Americans have gradually, but steadily, come to the realization that they had cast their vote for, and elected as President, a politician who, infuriatingly, has confounded expectations by, keeping his campaign promises. The palatable sense of letdown over the Obama administration’s promise record continues as voters, representing all regions of the country, all income levels, and every ethnic background discover that their new President plans to carry through on last year’s campaign promises to reform health care, create a new energy sector, move American soldiers from Iraq to Afghanistan, improve education, and refrain from raising taxes for those who make less than two hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year.

Harold J. Jefferson of Memphis expressed a view, common to his fellow church goers, which has been incorporated into and repeated in Pastor sermons throughout the city:

“Somebody has got to tell Obama that a campaigning politician supposed to say one thing, and then get elected, and do another. Who does he think he is, doin what he was sayin he was gonna do, and then turnin around and doin it again just like he said he was gonna do it. It ain’t right for a campaigning politician to talk big about taking everybody, of every type of foliage, to some new spot, and then,– when he gets elected, –starts running people towards the place he was talking about. What’s worse, the President is expectin everybody to be waitin in the promised spot, to welcome him home when he gets there.”

Hollywood mini-movie producer, Pave Vivid, whose 8 minute I-phone films has made him the world’s leading expert on the social life of 7-11 store parking lots, uploaded similar commentary to “You Tube” from the parking lot of his favorite Malibu 7-11 Store on the corner of 3rd way and Gary Hines avenue.

“Obama promised us, that if elected, he would transform the political system until the health, energy, and employment sectors of the United States were fresh, new, exciting, and competitive . But there is no evidence in any Obama video, which I have reviewed, that the former Presidential candidate told the American people that he would actually keep and carry out his promises. This political commitment to honesty is one of the greatest deceptions hoisted on the American people in my three years of political-awareness. We know that the President knows no one ever believes what any campaigning politician says. And he knows that we know that. So what is the President doing pushing his health and energy reform plans, holding down working people’s taxes, and walking around the White House every other, muttering, night with a real time version of the promised dog.”

Conservative talks show hosts have hit the airwaves with a statement so similar, across stations and commentators, that reporters voiced a suspicion that conservatives have been using the human Genetic code to coordinate their actions. Fox News commenter Tank Stripe White voiced “the Fox view”:

“It is so dishonest. To go around making a thousand impossible promises when he was campaigning and then, once elected, turn around and start carrying out his promises. If he’s not stopped elected politicians, from here on out will be forced to carry out campaign promises. That means we will have a Government that will:

send every parent’s child off to a distant education college only to have their child return speaking in citations and footnotes,

–rid us of our deficit and leave American investors bereft of our treasured treasury bonds,

–bring every American soldier home from overseas, so that there will be no one left in America, who knows how to find our way to a foreign country,

–send a thousand astronauts to Mars to plant a billion, tin and foil, Star-Striped flags ,


make every voter’s life so completely healthy and safe that America’s insurance companies will go completely bankrupt.

And, in such a promised world, Americans will be forced to listen to feel good, calendar photo, background music, twenty four hours a day.”

A significant number of Democrats were also critical of the President’s agenda. House member Vincy La-Fazio, ( little-grande Boss Fatito) of New Jersey was overhead whispering the following comment over his office intercom:

“Some Hill staff are still a bit awed with the President, his obsessively competent staff, and his Un-Presidential ability to impose discipline on his own self, cabinet, and children. But I think it’s time to cut a deal with the White House. We say we didn’t mean it and he says he didn’t mean it. I mean, it’s time to take a chill. I mean, we mean, nobody listens to a campaign speech and expects anyone to mean much of it, much less, all of it”.

Harold J. Jefferson of Memphis, whose local fame spread after Memphis pastors picked up on his intial Obama statement, was asked to speak on the Memphis “Heaven-Eleven Disciples”, TV program, told the 5 A.M. viewing audience:

“Vote for Obama. Yes, I can. Fix Health Care. Yes, I can. Build, what, a windy mill?. Yes, I can. Use a few slices of sunshine mirror-glass to run my Flash light. Yes, maybe, I can do that. Do not raise tax money from any one hundred thousand grand a year wage earner –the three car garage, yuppy 6 A.M. road jogger, that thinks he’s better off talkin to his own cell phone, than sayin hi when he sits next to you, –just because a hundred thousand dollars is less than two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. No I cannot. And you can’t neither.”

Pave Vivid finished his “You Tube” video with the following flourish:

“The country just cannot absorb so much rapid change so fast. First, Bill Clinton created policy by making political triangles. Then, Dick Cheney created policy by making a political Pentagon. And now, when it comes to creating policy, Barack Obama acts straight and four square. If the country’s policy process gets twisted into one more different shape the voters could get so worn out, that they could return George Bush and ask the former President to pick his favorite point on the Euclidean plane, and, no matter what, stick the whole country to it, until the nation’s health and economy goes completely belly over.”

In response to the chill in the air, ambitious voters in several states are organizing a petition drive, which is slowly gathering momentum, to ask the President to break at least 49% of his campaign promises. Petition organizer Johnny Feirg and his wife Amy Merham of the town of St. Joe Florida explained:

“We ask the President to promise to keep only 51% of his promises. In return we promise that the 51% of promised promises can include his promise to keep 51% of his promises. That way we know his promise to break promises will not be broken itself. Then, if he does that, we will promise to vote for his second term if he also promises not to make any more promises in the next campaign. This last promise he has to keep or we will break our promise and vote for whoever runs, and makes the usual false promises, against him in 2008.”

The White House is said to be slowly monitoring the situation. White Staff have been issued thermometers to record the changing fall temperature and, each Staff member, has been sent a copy of a Pave Vivid video:

“Obama: A Weak 7-11 Store Purchase Record and A Trail of Unbroken Promises”

which charges that the President has failed to recognize that the formerly high flying Michael Jordan has grounded himself to ten hours of premeditated golf putts a week, and that, with aging, the country’s appetite for change has slowed.

The White House also invited Harold J. Jefferson, to meet with the President who presented the Memphis resident with a solar powered thermometer and flashlight. The President also is said to be considering a plan for to have a team of proxies, which would include, Vice President Biden, make all future promises, so that the President, in the future will be able to pick and choose, whose promises to carry out, and still, keep his own promises. However, insiders, who initially presented the proxy promise plan to the President, have told friends that after the President looked the idea over, he looked up and answered:

“Break a promise by proxy? No, I can’t”

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