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Investors Debate Where to Put Their Money

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Market Volatility so Extreme Even Buckets Of Cash Do Not Seems Safe
September 2, 2011
As Europe’s debt crisis deepens, as commodity and stock prices gyrate, as the U.S. budget breakdown increases the risk of holding treasuries , the debate over where investors should put their money has intensified.
Wall Street money-guru Greene Stockman told Bloomberg news:
“With… »

Unemployed Michigan Man Reports He Cannot Feel “The Pain”

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Sacrifice is not being evenly shared
March 2, 2011
An unemployed auto worker from Flint Michigan has told Flint radio station W-FLINT that he feels no pain. Since being laid off from GM-assembly line, the auto worker said he has experienced:
– anxiety,
–sleepless nights,
— and,
– a lingering “Jimmy Carter malaise.”
Yet, the laid off autoworker claims… »

Business Executives Hold Female Breadwinners Responsible for the Vacillating Economy

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CEO’s Urge the Economy to Hurry Up and Make up its Mind
August 8, 2010
Fortune magazine recently reported that the nation’s CEO’s are holding back on investment plans and are blaming women for the vacillating movements of the U.S. economy. While flush with billions of dollars in cash, and ready to invest at the slightest sign… »

Scientists: The Expansion of the U.S. Government Debt is Accelerating

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Unknown, Unseen Dark Political Energy May Be the Source of Debt Expansion
Scientists find that background toxic asset radiation is the same in all directions
January 24, 2009
A small group of MIT economists and scientists have recently discovered that the expansion of U.S. Government debt is accelerating. While government analysts and economists had suspected that debt growth was… »

French, Argentine Officials Berate 10.2% of Americans for Acting Unemployed

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From Banana News www.bananaws.com
Self Esteem is all in the Head or the Right Cup of “Chico” Coffee
November 15, 2009
As unemployment in the United States reaches double digit levels for the first time in the stored memory of millions of computer disks and tapes, the French Minister of Labor, Leisure, and Life, Pascal Faizaire Lailare’, berated unemployed… »

Bill Clinton Expresses Admiration for Italy’s Political System and its Administrative Bodies

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October 21, 2009
Former President Denies Enjoying the Shape of Berlusconi’s Cabinet
Speaking to a group of Wine, Cheese, and Pasta Shape distributors, in a restaurant in Little Italy’s section of Manhattan last Thursday, former President Bill Clinton praised the Italian political system, its method for appointing physically correct Government ministers, and its ability to find vigorously… »

World Economic Shocks Slap G-20 Finance Meeting Right Upside the Pittsburgh

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China Fights Tire Tariffs by Scratching Out Trade in Chicken Feet
September 30, 2008

A series of economic shocks hit financial markets upside, sideways, and under, just as the G-20 finance summit, in Pittsburgh, began to wind up and unwind down. The shocks, their interaction, and their interaction with the Pittsburgh finance meetings sent markets into… »

Finance Ministers Debate Dropping Dollar as World’s Reserve Currency

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September 12, 2009

Ex-Pre-President Proposes Atomic Money
Finance Ministers, Central Bank Presidents, and Royal Chief Treasurers, from forty one countries and twenty eight Hedge funds gathered outside Stone Hedge England, this past week, to thrash out an international financial reform package. Foremost on the agenda was a plan to replace the American dollar as the world’s leading… »

Falling Clunker Supply Locks Up the Auto Repair Markets

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August 9, 2009
Markets Intervene in a Noisy Greasy way
Fear, internal combustion, and stalled out panic hit the auto repair industry as Government backed predators dumped clunker auto mobiles and rusted parts, into the ruthless worn out clutches of the clunker set-aside program. Auto mechanics across the country voiced anxious concern that the disappearing supply of clunkers… »

Government Finance Reform Splits Money Markets Right Down the Muddle

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 Under Tunneling Lobby Backs Deleveraging/ Traders Set Up to Market to Swap Governments/ Congressmen Rush More Wind into the Reforms
June 27, 2009

Markets spun like a rotating gyro in response to White House and Congressional Plans to regulate, reform, and reboot the nation’s financial system. The confused market search for stable equity prices reflected the fractured response… »